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Rejoinders should not include any information that was left out of or incorrectly entered in the original application. Awareness of alternative methods and justification for your choice or rejection of other methods.

Does the project represent value for money? For example: administering organisations must submit key performance indicators and annual targets for the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs and Industrial Transformation Training Centres and report against these targets in annual progress reports; administering organisations must submit progress reports in year three for a four or five year Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities project; and annual reports for ARC Centres of Excellence must cover financial operations and research performance.

Conclusion The ARC has mature and effective processes in place to assess grants, manage conflicts of interest and provide funding recommendations that comply with the NCGP guidelines. The testing included compliance with eligibility, application, assessment, funding agreement, reporting and ministerial approval brief requirements outlined in the NCGP guidelines.

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What do you want to do — aims not methods? Take time to consider what has been said about you and your project. Will the proposed research encourage and develop strategic research alliances between the higher education organisation s and other organisation s? This accounts for the comparatively low rate of funding allocated to Science and Research Priorities in The ARC noted that, while referencing these priorities in the guidelines indicates that the priorities are valued, they are but one factor taken into account during the assessment process. Grant proposals 3. Will the project still be useful and have an impact? Table 3. Where relevant, is the intellectual content and scale of the work proposed appropriate to a higher degree by research?

Once allocated and accepted, these CoE members are responsible for the rest of the process — one takes primary carriage of proposal. Start negotiating early and build trust before moving forward.

The ARC uses a variety of communications activities, targeting different audiences and key stakeholders, to provide information on NCGP guidelines and its elements, as well as NCGP-funded research outcomes. Build research capacity in the organisation — make research accessible to partners through presentations, joint projects, journal clubs.

Your comments should focus entirely on the content of the report. What do you want to do — aims not methods? It is therefore important to carefully review the comments provided by external assessors and provide clear responses to any points raised.

D Good: A sound research Proposal, but lacks a compelling element.

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Hints on Responding to Assessor's Reports (The Rejoinder Process)