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However, visual design is often assessed using self-report scale, which are vulnerable to a few pitfalls. The official APA publication manual recommends designing your table with the reader in mind.

apa paper template

First, it is extremely important to start with an outline of the main points that you want to make, organized in the order that you want to make them.

Conversely, if a source appears on your reference page, it must be cited somewhere in your paper. Second, it is important to emphasize the structure of your argument in your writing. The procedure is how the study was carried out. Each reference should use a hanging indentation: the first line of the reference should be flush left, but each additional line of the reference needs to be indented.

This works well for methods that are relatively simple and can be described adequately in a few paragraphs. The dining room was described as similar to a fine restaurant except that tipping was not required.

Each table should have an individual title, italicized and presented with each word capitalized except and, in, of, with, etc.

Displaying where the original information came from is much easier than you think.

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APA Sample Paper