Writing advice for young writers

tips for aspiring writers

How would YOU paginate this text? There are many different kinds of writers in the world, and it gets easier when you figure out what kind of writer you are. What were they doing in this big noisy city?

Writing advice for young writers

MC: To be part of the community. Punctuation matters. If you read enough, the grammar will come. Then, a few years later, write about it. Don't worry if your writing sucks. Because good, brave living means good, brave writing. But I have not had time to whip it into shape for publication, so we will all have to wait for that for now. To know more is simply a matter of industry; to accept what you will never know is trickier. Get in trouble but not too much. Always try to push the deal to the farthest you can push it. Plot matters, of course it matters, but it is always subservient to language. And I lived in a rent-stabilized apartment! There are also a number of good reference books on publishers available at virtually every bookstore or public library. So I would like to be young again—for the obvious dermatological advantages, and because I would like to recapture who I was before the clutter of experience made me a bit more sagacious and exhausted.

My story appeared every month, and every month I would end it on a cliffhanger to keep readers interested in reading the next story, which they would have to wait a whole month for. Be in two or three places at one time.

Also reading Michael Crichton novels. Yeah, you. Try again. Writers feel the grammar rather than knowing it.

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Don't Be a Dick: Colum McCann's Advice to Young Writers