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Never stick solely to text. Bjelke-Petersenfor example, appeared to be benign and kindly until he was crossed. The crowd of noble people from his dream included philosophers like Plato, Plutarch, and Tacitus. The Importance of a Great Political Biography When it comes to politics and how you appear to the electorate and your fellow politicians, composing your biography can be a real make or break situation.

Considering all this, is it worth doing interviews especially when there is the added consideration that politicians are adept at avoiding giving much away in interviews?

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This reflection is essential if a biography is to be other than hagiography or a hatchet job. Reading a biography written by someone who knows you and the campaign field will offer you a different perspective. In no case was this any more than a cup of tea and a slice of cake, but it made it so much harder to be critical. This is particularly true of serving politicians and I would probably never bother interviewing them for the purpose of biography. This is because you want to make it clear that your message is coming specifically from you. Include some photos and even video for the page. The rest is history, or more accurately, biography. The task for me as for any biographer was to try to understand him, and his success, rather than to give vent to the negative feelings I had accumulated. If your bio is going to be printed and mailed out to members of your political party and the wider public, then you should aim to use a first-person perspective. The table was beautifully set with wine glasses and he lifted up the top of the tureen and it was boiled pumpkin and potatoes. Paint a picture. But they never resumed an intimate relationship, so their collaboration, while intense, was more formal and political than personal and intimate.

Be open to refocusing your idea—As you write and learn more about your subject, it may turn out that the story you are writing is not really about just one person. Now check your email to confirm your subscription and download your worksheet! If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer.

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Thurmond just stared off in silence, and then changed the subject. It may be the case that some interviewees try deliberately to mislead but I believe they are in the minority. Be clear and concise with your words and remember that most voters will not know who you are.

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The Art of Political Biography