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The importance of insurance coverage can be considered from two viewpoints: protective people against the costs of providing health; and providing universal coverage of health services in order that people have access to cheap and adequate health services The GDP per Capita reveals relationship in economic performance and population growth of a country.

Its main drawback is that just like the GDP and other economic indices discussed, it does not take into account the unwanted effects of risk, uncertainty, non-monetized activities, as well as money from the underground economy. Economic growth refers to the increasing ability of a nation to produce more goods and services Social structure is "a general term for any collective social circumstance that is unalterable and given for the individual. The five indicators that I am going to discuss are: access to health services, physical activities, nutrition and weight status, sexual transmitted diseases, and immunization and infectious diseases It is essential for the company to understand about its performance under the new proposed plan. In GD, there is the assumption that debt does not exist; to a great extent, failure to take into account the amount of debt a country has compromises its ability to give the accurate picture of an economy. Spiritual wellness, emotional well-being, cultural awareness, and mental health are for example not taken into consideration. The decline in the unemployment rate will be driven by strong GDP growth in and U. These statistics actually tell if the economy is productive and efficient or if it is slow and inefficient. They also help them decide the health of an economy. Being the aggregate of the total production of a country within a certain period, usually one year, the GDP indicates the market value of all the goods as well as the services produced in a country by the economy as measured. Educational Attainment: Educational attainment is a major indicator of the degree of progress made by a country. It does not take into account the social, organizational, cultural, and technological factors that contribute to the capacity of a given country to evolve and become better over time. However, for the individual who chooses not to make CNN a primary station, the term Economic Indicators can be extremely confusing. Explicit performance measurements provide a common groundwork for decision-making in companies.

Sen makes it clear that the feeling of goodness does not change the objective reality of deprivation. There higher GDP is, the higher income of a country is Softening pollution laws may make it easier for companies to produce goods and services.

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A country can let e to be zero no policy preference for gender equality adopted or infinity only achievements of women get a positive weight and the relative achievements of men are ignored. As Worstall writes, the main shortcoming of the GPI is the long process used to arrive at the final figure.

However, an enhanced production of goods and services does not imply that the standards of living of people are improving.

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Revenue from the underground economy also should be included in the calculation of GDP. It is comprise of two parts: i Adult literacy rate; and ii Enrolment rate for primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Economic Indicators An economic indicator is defined by Investopidea. The US economy is in a recovery stage However, if the amount of pollution caused by the production of goods and services in the two countries were factored in, this would not hold. Amartya Sen states in his theory of entitlements that poverty is not just a matter of being poor but of lacking certain minimum capabilities. The HDI indicates whether people enjoy a long and healthy life, are educated and knowledgeable, and enjoy a decent standard of living. Meanwhile, the majority of the remaining five billion people live in countries that are experiencing unprecedented levels of economic growth and well being Collier, p. McCarthy, J. It is a suitable index that balances between the emphasis on economic and social growth. Sen has also maintained that the deficiency of traditional economics is that it concentrates on the national product, aggregate income and total supply of goods, rather than the entitlements of the people and the capabilities that these generate. However, those problems are far from incurable.

A measure either places too much focus on economic development ignoring major aspects of social welfare or vice versa Stahel, According to a report by the OECD Observertotal production occurring in a given country over a specified period is not easy to quantify; it is hard to accurately sum up the total value of goods and service produced.

New externalities appear and existing ones disappear over time.

There is no single definition that encompasses all the aspects of economic development. He was charged with rape,assault and kidnapping The indicators can show if the economy has improved or declined. The HDP is also based on ideas of co-operation and participation of individuals in community life, and the freedom to make choices. Daga mentions that the main strength of the GPI is that it is expressed in monetary terms, a fact that makes it a more comparable index. One of these faults is that the core tenet on which it is based is not necessarily true. The inverted yield curve comes about because of two related bearish forces. Statistics 5 3. New externalities appear and existing ones disappear over time. There were two problems with this exercise — first they did not relate the female to male ratio to the overall level of achievement in a society. The objectives of this paper are: a to identify two major positives factors and two major negatives factors for economic growth, b to compare and analyse economic growth indicators for Panama and Nicaragua, and to discuss three important lessons drawn fro GDP can be measured by the income method; that means GDP is one of the factors that impact on the income of a country.
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Economic Indicators Essay