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This result is consistent with the study by Kim and Lee et al.

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A review, I. In addition, boys with proper nutrition attitude behavior had proper dietary behavior. References 1. Nutrient intake and anthropometric parameters was also improved after the programme. The analysis for the degree of recognition for nutrition knowledge and the rate of right answers depending on father's education level showed relatively higher degree of recognition as the education level increased, which was consistent with the result from the study on elementary school students in the Seoul area by Yoon et al. An ecological study of food and nutrition in elementary school children in Korea. Also, height and weight were increased as father's age or mother's age was higher, but decreased as mother's education level was higher. A significant difference was found in overall and aspect wise pre and post knowledge of respondents prior to nutrition education programme. Kim EK.

Kanawati AA. Chungnam National University of Korea; Nutrition survey of college freshmen. An ecological study on eating behavior of middle school students in Seoul. Kim YS.

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Dietary intake was collected using 24 hour recall method for one day and anthropometric data height and weight was also collected before and after the programme. The Korean Journal of Nutrition. Major Advisor Research Scholar Description: Impact assessment of nutrition education programme on nutritional knowledge and status of adolescent girls Subject:. Nutrition knowledge of elementary school children in Seoul and Kangnung area. Effect of nutrition education program on nutrition knowledge, dietary diversity of elementary school children. Sugar intake and dietary behavior of children with and without school lunch program. Content analysis of the questionnaires used in dietary surveys. Thus, the survey was performed in elementary school students of the upper grades in the Seoul area. Korean Journal of Community Nutrition. R, Murphy BM. Journal of the Korean Dietetic Association. Jung SM. Ko YJ. Factors associated with breakfast skipping in elementary school children in Korea. Kim MJ.

Journal of the Korea home Economics Education Association. Crook WG.

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These results were similar to those reported in the study on elementary school students in the Chuncheon area by Lee et al. Journal of the Korean Dietetic Association.

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