The origins and history of the ibm computer

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Though it was a bit processor meaning that it could handle larger numbers than other microcomputersit used an older bus design that slowed it down, unlike the more expensive The years required are not directly comparable; the two differed in: population size, data collected, resources census bureau headcount, machines, When the number eight company in the Fortune enters the field, that is news The processor was more than an order of magnitude more powerful than the Inteland the operating system more advanced than the PC DOS 1.

These initiatives — each deeply rooted in Watson's personal values system — became core aspects of IBM culture for the remainder of the century. Suppliers often found, however, that the prestige of having IBM as a customer led to additional sales elsewhere.

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It was so well-conceived that the basic strategy remained unaltered throughout the product cycle. In defiance of all IBM tradition, he deliberately kept the team small, the management structure informal, hoping to capture some of the hacker magic that had spawned PCs in the first place.

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Origin of the IBM PC