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The days of a simple banner ad are long gone and these days the ads range from print to media ads, social media ads and even mobile ads. Schlosser, Eric.

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Advertising however, still plays an important role on providing services to society. People convincingly buy products because they believe what the ad is illustrating. According to Medoff and Kaye, advertising serves an educational, social and economic purposep.

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As a result, you often have to experience severe side effects from consuming a particular drug, despite the medical company claiming in their ad that their medication comes with zero side effects. Like Morley, John E. As long as the ad in question does not incite hatred or seek to abuse any community at large, it clears the bar. As a format, they are one of the quickest forms of getting the message across to the public at large. This kind of product pushing comes with many different side effects that we as a consumer, might not realize. Fast Food: Truth in Advertising? If one is influenced, they will expand their discovery to others.

Variations include publicity, public relations, product placement, sponsorship, time shifted advertising, underwriting, and sales promotion. Advertising will perhaps become increasingly ubiquitous, increasingly influential, and increasingly controversial Advertising,p.

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It never truly shows the actual downside effects of the drugs. Advertising is always evolving and adapting, and for now companies and their advertisers through their advertisements are appearing more cynical and critical by the day. Given the sheer staggering volume of ads, it has indeed become necessary to explore the positive ramifications as well as negative connotations of advertising. Even in the case of disaster management, the government uses advertisers for spreading a sense of caution. Obesity is a serious health issue and a constant barrage of food ads with glossy full-length images is not doing much good in preventing obesity. Schlosser, Eric. The annual company performance reports from January to July of 12 computer technology sector companies were analyzed Excess advertising has a detrimental impact on the perspective of consumers because they might get bored and discard the product which is being promoted.

Similarly, they can elect the best political candidate who can govern the country. Advertising is harmful. There are different viewpoints to advertising and many different ways that it appeals and relates to us as individuals and as a society. This statistical study focused on analyzing the effects of advertising spend and publicity on 5 major factors of the marketing-productivity chain: brand attitude, sales, corporate reputation, profitability and firm value.

What truly are the miscommunications and how do the viewers react to different types of stimulation among those, are there negative or positive results? We view advertisements everywhere: on TV, banners, Web-sites, in magazines, newspapers, on sport events or even printed on tea cups, and all this is done with an aim to attract our attention Gina-Marie Cheeseman from TriplePundit, shares a similar argument with Herman about unrealistic expectations.

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