The disadvantage of co curricular activities in school

Busy kids also have less time to spend at home with their families, which can put a strain on familial relationships as the kids get older.

Balancing these two is one of the problems honor students of curricular are facing.

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Moreover, they learn sharing and caring, all at once. Enrollment in extracurricular activities means that the children will have a certain group that shares similar talent as them. She is currently developing a new website about switching classrooms and educational theories.

And the more the activity is like ordinary school, the less attractive it will be to young people. Young children especially need the freedom to simply play and allow their minds to develop new games, instead of following a rigid schedule established by parents and other grown-ups.

Characteristics of co-curricular activities

Well, extracurricular activities have a solution for this. For instance, you may finding yourself having trouble keeping up with assignments or finishing chores at home because you spend so much time hanging out at the auditorium, running lines or rehearsing songs and dances. Academic is more important The academic curriculum is really much more important and must continue to be given more status in schools and colleges than the co-curriculum. Various successful people have opted for extracurricular activities, which benefited them in learning time management. Although researchers agree that extracurricular activities do, in fact, influence academic performance, the specific effect that various activities produce is debated. In older children, look out for mood swings, recurrent sickness such as stomachaches and complaints about the activities themselves. Students are meant to be receiving an education and gaining recognised qualifications.

Time consuming Teenagers often struggle with time management, and some co-curricular activities demand more time and energy than many students can handle. Most specialist professions still provide a range of career opportunities, without any need to compromise academic education by over-emphasis on non-academic activities.

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What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Extracurricular Activities?