Technology is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants

Alternatively, or in conjunction with efforts to change behavior, one can attempt to design shower heads that automatically conserve water by limiting the flow when the tap is fully open but that still provide adequate water for showering.

Both metals and minerals are obtained from rocks that have been mined and are then processed in various ways to extract the valuable resource.

examples of modifying the physical environment

Give two examples of biomass resources that can be over-used despite being renewable. As a population increases, more waste is produced as a result of increased activity. When one designs a better interface for a computer system, or when one discovers and articulates principles that can help designers produce interfaces that are better suited to human use, one is facilitating the work of anyone who uses systems with these interfaces, including earth and atmospheric scientists working on the problem of Page Share Cite Suggested Citation:"5 Environmental Change.

how do human beings modify their natural environment

Ideally, one would like a water-miser shower head whose spray is preferred by users, who then will be motivated to use this head whether or not they are concerned about environmental change. Non-renewable resources cannot be replenished by natural means as quickly as the rate at which they are consumed.

Humans are extracting increasing quantities of natural resources from the Earth which is causing problems of over-exploitation, for example through overfishing and deforestation.

human modification
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