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If it is necessary to remove a child from their home, a local authority must, wherever possible and unless a child's safety is otherwise at immediate risk, apply for an Emergency Protection Order EPO. An informed decision should be taken on the nature of any action required and which services should be provided.

Lancet ;— When making a full assessment of each service user, access to specialist professional support and advice are discussed.

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One approach that may be useful when comparing several different interventions is Qualitative Comparative Analysis QCA47 which can be used in tandem with quantitative analyses to work out what works for whom and under what conditions, 48 very much under a realist perspective.

Sleeping — Ask service user if sleep well or experiencing difficulty with sleeping, need night sedation or any warm drinks or reassurance.

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Changing to partial coverage and high user charges would mean that that law would apply with even greater force. Within one working day of a referral being received, a local authority social worker should acknowledge receipt to the referrer and make a decision about next steps and the type of response required.

This will, in turn, better inform interventions for their remediation. Routine data such as medical records may not, therefore, strictly give a measure of access, because they can supply information only about services which have been taken up.

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Second, disease presentation can also vary by social group. An informed decision should be taken on the nature of any action required and which services should be provided. Where Service user or carer does not meet the framework eligibility criteria I should work creatively with them to identify way in which they might make their own arrangement to enable them to achieve their preferred outcomes and care package. As a social care manager the main focus of my work will be to undertake care assessments with service users whether in the organisation or pre-admission assessments. Purpose: Assessments should determine whether the child is in need, the nature of any services required and whether any specialist assessments should be undertaken to assist the local authority in its decision-making. We recognise that definitions of fairness vary according to libertarian, liberal and collectivist perspectives. Service users or those acting on their behalf are encouraged to understand the care or treatment and choices available and discuss with an appropriate health care professional or other appropriate person the balance of risks and benefits involved in any particular course of care. Many studies are small, with limited generalisability.

The difficulty with measuring equity according to this definition is that individuals may not use services to which they have access. All individuals are encouraged to express their personal views and preferences regarding all aspects of daily living including the care they receive within the organisation and outside resources.

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An alternative way of operationalising vertical equity is generated by the understanding that the demonstration of equal use for equal need does not necessarily indicate unequal use for unequal need. This risks bias by offering clinicians a limited selection of response options, which primes them to consider certain actions. Supervision should support practitioners to reflect critically on the impact of their decisions on the child and their family. As a manager taking into consideration the key legal principles and legislation will help to make informed decisions that promote both the involvement and interest of service users and their families. The use of fictional patient profiles vignettes can provide a valid, generalisable and efficient approach to studying variations in decision-making by health-care professionals. Can austerity threaten equity? Able to make own choices, resistance to care or need encouragement. Emerging techniques should be harnessed, for example machine learning to more completely exploit data sources on need, case mix and outcomes; and interactive multimedia techniques to examine social variations in clinical decision-making. PEG feeding. They did this using routinely available whole population data including health data from four national administrative databases.
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Chapter 1: Assessing need and providing help