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How do you get paid for investments you recommend? Do you receive payments from mutual funds or investment companies you recommend? Wealth management accounts for asset allocation and return but is guided by a bottom-line balance sheet approach that also includes asset location, after-tax return, long-term wealth preservation and intergenerational wealth transfer. The first thing to understand about a wealth management firm is that their business model matters. Are you fiduciary? Ask them: What is your history? Have they taken the time to understand your business, personal goals, and aspirations? This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended, and should not be construed, as investment, tax or legal advice. Your advisor should know or have direct access to this information. Value: Sometimes, managers favor growth over value stocks. With the Fintech industry booming, the growing mainstream popularity of Cryptocurrency, and Personal DIY Investment Portfolio Platforms popping up everyday, it is imperative to stay ahead of the game, and be able to introduce and explain the unique technology you or your firm is utilizing to aggregate data, measure results and how you use it drive ROI. Once we quote a fee, it will not change. A new client may also ask about certifications and licenses that, if you have acquired, you should mention to establish your expertise. Darrow takes care of all the paperwork to move over existing accounts and tie up loose ends. Ask how frequently your investments will be formally reviewed — once per month, quarter, annually, etc.

What is Their Investment Approach? Ask how long clients typically work with the initial advisor, or consider a smaller firm. It should be a process-driven and time-tested approach managed by an in-house team of experienced professionals. Are they as invested in seeing you meet those goals as you are?

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Who is your ideal client? Ideally, you should provide them with references to clients who have had similar financial goals and portfolios.

How many new clients do you take on each year? Will anyone vouch for you?

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Some key points include: a. B or IEP in a Scottrade account if you feel like you have to participate in a rockstar's fund.

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The particular need that is driving the selection of your wealth manager today might be very different than what you need one year, five years or even 20 years from now. Value: Sometimes, managers favor growth over value stocks. This question originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. SageVest Wealth Management offers 20 important questions to ask a financial advisor across four key categories, to help you make the best choice. And you could just buy BRK. A fiduciary is legally obligated to make recommendations aligned only with your best interests. Read More Financial advisors woo Gens X, Y In addition to portfolio management, does your advisor also offer services such as wealth planning, insurance services, tax planning, estate planning and risk management? Could anyone besides me benefit from your recommendations? The people who require more time will be charged a higher fee. Investment Process What is your investment approach?

As a client, you will never have to worry that your advisor may try to sell you a financial product for their own personal gain.

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