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The homework will be to complete the reading and activities for Chapter 7. Since Old Major was the oldest boar on the farm and the wisest, everyone on the farm looked up to him and respected him more than any other animal on the farm. As a result, North Koreans do not have an accurate state of their country. Describe the mood of the animals at the start of this chapter 2. Students will have the remainder of the class to complete SSR for Chapter 7 pages and complete the active reading questions. No use of filler words like, you know, etc. Share your evaluative comment on the plot. These activities will aid the students in preparing for The Exchange Discussion that will take place in class tomorrow.

How did this book change the way you see something? Every day the pigs are using rhetorical methods to convince you to hate me.

how does squealer use ethos in animal farm

Give them specific directions on what to do to over throw Napoleon At least 3 paragraphs Persuasive writing style Mention counter-arguments 26 Name Date Period Dear Comrades, My poor lads! Collect and review correct answers orally. If no new character is introduced, focus on a character not previously highlighted.

Utilizing propaganda techniques, Squealer convinces the animals that Comrade Napoleon is an honest and genuine leader with their best interests in mind. Standard 5: Students employ a wide range of strategies as they write and use different writing process elements appropriately to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.

The RAFT Assignment asks students to select two pre-determined options and create an authentic argument for each.

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Students will be asked to create a rhetorical argument for whichever writing prompt they choose and demonstrate their own sense of ethos through the creation of this argument. Students will continue reading Animal Farm in class tomorrow. How did my message go wrong? After completing the Anticipation Guide, they will reflect on any differences in their responses to the questions asked. What will comfort them now that the song has been banned? Kim Seong-min, the head of the radio group and a leader of the leaflet campaign, criticized the South Korean authorities for blocking the activists from releasing balloons in the border village. Describe Mr. Peruse the first chapter; have students note the bold-faced words at the bottom of the page and explain that these are definitions for challenging words that appear in the text. Much of this work was of a kind that the other animals were too ignorant to understand. Answer miscellaneous questions; then have students continue reading Chapter 1 of Animal Farm. Choose two 2 of the options below. What happens to Boxer? A rival group of activists rallied near the border village, carrying banners that accused the leaflet activists of trying to incite a war between the Koreas. Students will also submit their Character Logs packets at the end of the novel for grading. He also uses ethos to explain how the bedrail that ran very deep in squealers veins.

You may have also noticed that the pigs are eating more than their fair share of food on the farm. Napoleon and Squealer are brainwashing you into believing that I am a traitor, but I was prepared to fight for Animalism and bring our farm innovative technologies.

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