Occupational stress and coping age and gender differences

Gender differences in coping strategies

In this study, only suicidal ideation was investigated, and therefore we cannot comment on whether occupational stressors are associated with committed suicides. We used a large sample, assessing clinical characteristics in large groups of participants with suicidal ideation and controls, allowing for meaningful analysis. The J-shaped curve indicates that non-drinkers and heavy drinkers have a high risk of mental disorders; non-drinkers were excluded in this study to clarify the relationships between perceived individual-level occupational stress and HAC. After adjusting for demographic variables and depression, there were differences in outcomes between males and females. This study aimed to clarify gender differences in the relationships between perceived individual-level occupational stress and HAC among Japanese teachers. The ERI model proposes that a negative trade off between costs and gains at work can lead to adverse health effects. Our study also had a number of strengths. The prevalence of suicidal ideation among Korean employees was 7.

Role ambiguity refers to vague and unclear expectations set for employees, such that employees are uncertain of what is expected of them [ 38 ]. Moreover Confucianism which has had tremendous impact on gender role in Korea, emphasizes that men should serve as the primary wage-earners within traditional family structures and hold control over their work.

gender differences in coping with stress psychology

Role conflict refers to simultaneous contradictory expectations from work colleagues that interfere with one another and make it difficult to complete work-related tasks [ 38 ]. Insufficient job control and organizational system were significant in males, while interpersonal conflict was significant in females.

All statistical analyses were performed using SPSS version For example, suicidal ideation could heighten the experiences and perception of occupational stress, which would contradict our interpretation.

Drunken driving and hazardous alcohol consumption HAC among teachers are social problems.

male and female coping strategies

Reactive aggression is associated with interpersonal rejection and with patterns of emotional dysregulation in the context of interpersonal difficulties [ 55 ].

Gender differences need to be considered when developing HAC prevention strategies for teachers.

gender differences in stress response

It has been reported that females progress to alcoholic intoxication more quickly than do males [ 28 ]. They are thus unlikely to match the accuracy of clinician-based scales, and our results could be affected by response bias.

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