My dream house is perfect in

My dream house is perfect in

In the room I would have a private bathroom and a big flat screen TV. Write two general descriptions of the Living Room 2. What special features would it have? What kinds of rooms would you have? I would like to live in a foreign country in the future. The house should be well ventilated and the view from outside the window should be of something close to nature. First of all, it should be at least a double story building with European architecture.

Well, there are number of features I want to have in my dream home. They can come whenever they want. Apart from that, there should be a big drawing room with all the modern fittings and gadgets. Another city, state or even country?

The puppies would have their own pool.

describe my dream house

It should have a telephone connection with which I can connect with the entire world and then there should be Internet. Now we're finally getting to the house.

What is a dream house

I hope everybody loves kittens and cats because there would be a giant kitten room and cat room. But, the 99,,th floor would be my special bedroom with the most exotic fish in my house. The second floor would have part 1 of the shark room which would have the smallest sharks and small tanks. Students 13 and older are invited to comment below. Still, they longed to build the floating home of their dreams. There are lots of posters of my favorite actors and singers, but they are big electronic screens so they can change all the time! Aydin Crook Tewksbury Township Public Schools My dream house would be a warm house with 20 back massagers for me my family and friends. So, there are some who want all the luxuries in their house while some prefer living close to nature. It should have the feel of a city life with no troubles that it brings along with it, like lot of traffic and noise pollution. It would have an indoor football field and a soccer field.

The basement would have a glass security door on it. Yes, definitely. I would like to live in a foreign country in the future. My dream house would be in the suburbs of my hometown. That is my dream house.

What would your dream house be like

Write two general descriptions of the Living Room 2. Also, my dream house would have a lot of cool features. Then there would be an all bullet-proof glass floor also in the family room, with fish in the big tank. I would have choclate jet that could fly through the Milky Way. My television will be a 3D Ultra HD 4k. They could design their room however they want and guess what?! It also has another local reference: Golden Gate Bridge International Orange, the color chosen for the front door and the circular staircase that rises to the kitchen-dining-living area. Georgia Davidson Tewksbury Township Public Schools My dream home would be a gigantic home and there would be a movie theater the size of my room now and a inch TV. Students: Tell us … What would your dream home be like? Obviously, my dream house would be in a hot place. My dream house would be in the suburbs of my hometown. Would it be a grand mansion with Greek-style columns and a vast front lawn?

Also, I need a garage wherein I can keep my car and the roof of the house should also be large as I intend to plant some small plants on the rooftop garden. Certainly, my house would be hot.

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Describe your dream house.