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If you have determined technology as the sphere of your interest, you may choose one of the following topics: mass availability of musical content on the Internet: pros and cons.

The prospectus should include the proposed title, the names of the research director and the proposed committee members, approximately three to five pages of text including a proposed table of contents or chapter-by-chapter outline for the dissertation, and a bibliography.

Dissertation topics may develop from a number of areas, including research done in doctoral seminars and independent research.

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Once your proposal is recommended for defense, the Director of Graduate Studies Musicology will schedule your Proposal Defense as expeditiously as possible. Faculty comments are sent to the research director, who communicates them to the student and determines if any further changes are required.

Complete analyses or extensive details are not required, but you should include enough to show that you have seriously considered methodological questions and have formulated an approach to the problem.

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Following this approval, the proposal is circulated to the entire department faculty for a two-week comment period. Once you and your advisor s are satisfied with the proposal, you should submit it to your area advisor, and this should be no later than the midterm date of the seventh semester.

Students in T are strongly encouraged to complete the prospectus by the twelfth week of the semester in order to give these faculty members sufficient time to read and comment on the prospectus.

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The contribution of technology to music creation, development, and distribution is hard to overestimate. A visit on this page will provide you with all the necessary guiding principles that are required to write your music dissertation literature review in the right way.

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Sample Dissertation Proposals