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If you aren't sure which Word Up level is best for your students, use our diagnostic test to determine the appropriate grade level.

As a teacher, preview difficult vocabulary, or confusing concepts, and talk with students. Undercover Vocabulary - Undercover Vocabulary is a lesson that incorporates vocabulary usage and review into a cooperative learning activity.

YourDictionary definition and usage example. Word Rep Increase student engagement and excitement by making each student a word rep. This sequence will supplement the Quick Review and mini games to provide additional exposure to word usage and meaning.

Again which you choose will depend on the item you are presenting. Mime This lends itself particularly well to action verbs and it can be fun and memorable.

Read on to find subject-wide lesson plansimplementation suggestions and and mini games and then experience a Word Up video.

vocabulary lesson plans elementary

Use the word process for teacher modeling. If your students need extra help, you can give students two word options for each blank or create a word bank. For example, "I can say the meaning of words in a sentence. Ask learners to read aloud the definitions and explain what other images could be added to the cards to help them remember the definitions.

Confirm or paraphrase student answers, as needed. Students are encouraged to work together and think of actions that will convey the meaning of the words.

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Building Vocabulary Lesson Plans