Irrelevant speech effect

Acoustic masking in primary memory.

speech affectation

Developmental Psychology,33, — There is no way to correct mistakes, so be careful! A reevaluation of working memory capacity in children.

Irrelevant speech effect

Phonological factors in STM: Similarity and the unattended speech effect. Child Development,37, — Nature, — This can be seen as combining elements of the first two theories.

Irrelevant speech examples

Secondly, the areas that are sensitive to the irrelevant speech effect are also generically activated by the verbal working memory task itself. Listening to distraction: A developmental study of selective attention. Instructions If you have logged in, you'll see a rectangle below. Child Development,46, — Another theory attributes the effect to a disruption of order information. There is no way to correct mistakes, so be careful! Intending to forget: The development of cognitive inhibition in directed forgetting. Copyright Elsevier Inc. Instead, the functional neuroanatomical substrate to the effect can be characterized in terms of changes in networks of functionally interrelated areas. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology,49A, — Elmsford, NY: Pergamon.
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The irrelevant speech effect and working memory load.