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According to Polish legislation, the union operates as an Auditing Union of Co-operatives with the purposes of: Conducting audits of co-operatives Representing their interests on national and international levels Conducting training, advisory and publishing activities Initiating cooperation with other national and international co-operative organisations. This may be understood on the one hand as a duty of public authorities to take construction initiatives by themselves social housing for citizens who are not able to afford to cover total construction costs and on the other hand as a duty to introduce various forms of assistance to the dwellers of social dwellings, mainly as financial contribution from public means. During the Communist regime, rents were strictly controlled. Keep in mind the democratic nature of your co-operative and its social purpose; make it the focus of your actions. Getting past the blank piece of paper is the most difficult part of the whole process and the sooner it is done the better. How do I go about it? If your cooperative is fairly large, draw an organisational chart which shows who reports to whom, and the positions they hold, and include it in the appendices.

Another major element impacting on the housing situation in Poland is the poor quality of the housing stock built during the Communist regime. They have received support for the idea, and the best way is to launch it as a directive, enabling countries to implement the cooperative principles into national law.

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Despite the judgement by the court, this provision was inserted in following amendments to the Act introduced in and Co-operative advisors Include the business names and addresses of professional advisers who have helped to establish and grow the co-operative.

Construct the business plan Read the business plan Do you believe it?

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The list: To provide a structure within which to establish what needs to be looked into. When you add to this that the housing coops cannot access their own funds, there is a problem and the coop movement is losing their ground.

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It will describe: the complexity of the manufacturing the equipment and tools required the cost of raw materials and labour per unit the cost to produce a product or deliver a service the number of hours of production daily or weekly the number of units to be produced or the number of services to be delivered average selling price forecast number of days stock is to be held cost control source and delivery partners and contract terms the time taken to produce the required stock levels environmental plans disposal of waste. Though this may be a part of the story it should come a long way down the list. What you will research will depend on what your products and services are, who your customers are, where your market is, and the level of competition in the marketplace. Article 75 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland stipulates that public authorities should support the development of housing. If there are likely to be price fluctuations, you might explain how they will be dealt with. Say what you know and why you know it. Are sales up to projection? What will be the outcomes? Values consider the social and environmental factors which the co-operative will be mindful of in achieving its objectives. As a consequence, housing co-operatives are no longer the main housing developer as in the past, as their activity has been diminishing over time. State-supported credit arrangements for housing renovations to improve the condition of the prefabricated buildings. Housing costs have increased as the government withdrew from subsidies and the prices of housing and complementary services were released. Construct the business plan Read the business plan Do you believe it?

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