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Dunstan is surprised to find out that Percy Boyd Staunton is a major with a DSOand very surprised when Percy announces that he and Leola are to be married. These are simply the roles in which they are cast.

In this chapter Dunstan also covers the early years of David and Caroline Staunton, along with Boy's rampant philandering. He is able to survive the war and establish a new life because of it, but he remains always somewhat separated from life, unwilling to directly confront it, as Mrs.

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He becomes the magician known as 'Magnus Eisengrim,' and is the protagonist of World of Wonders in this trilogy. As he recalls Mrs. Dunstan travels to Europe again to meet with them, and though he knows he can never be a part of their world, he is satisfied to have achieved recognition in his chosen field of study.

Libby Doe is a play on the word "libido", borrowed from Latin by Freud to mean the inner impulse-driven part of the psyche. Learning of the events later, Mrs. A genuinely learned man, Davies wrote a prose that both poked fun at pretentious scholarship and enjoyed joking allusions, as in the names of Ramsay's girl friends, Agnes Day, Gloria Mundy and Libby Doe.

Are Magnus Eisengrim's magic tricks more than simple illusions?

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