Evolution of american democracy from 1865 to date essay

Robert E. The halls of Congress were filled with tobacco smoke, and spittoons were everywhere. Clauses like the amendment of three-fifths and the emancipation proclamation had previously protected slavery fully.

McPherson in May, ed. Although, late in the war, continuous campaigning and extensive earthen entrenchments foreshadowed World War I, Europeans did not grasp the deadly lesson of the American Civil War: combining the tactics of Napoleon with rapid-fire weapons and trenches would culminate in horrors unanticipated at Shiloh and Antietam Instead, he blamed the king of England for forcing the institution of slavery on the unwilling colonists and called the trafficking in human beings a crime.

He also called for policies which would improve the wellbeing of blacks who had just been freed from slavery. InBill Clinton took over as the president and tried to lift the economy through increasing public and private investments.

brief summary of american history

They pulled no punches in defeating competition through discriminatory rates.

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