Essay on state public service commission

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The same set of Articles i. Quote Exactly as it was said. A member is regarded as a party to the function discharged or duty performed by the Commission, even though the member concerned might have been a dissenting member, or a member in a minority, or a member who abstained from participation in the function performed or duty discharged. The basic policy of the Constitution is that each State should have its own Public Service Commission, but if for administrative or financial reasons it is not possible for each State to have a Commission of its own, two or more States may have a Joint Public Service Commission. Essay 3. A member may, however, resign from his office by writing to the President [Art. Article - Appointment and term of office of members. The Chairman or any other member cannot hold an office of profit or otherwise they shall be deemed to be guilty of misbehaviour. This sort of cushioning goes ahead until time is up. Alagh to examine the present scheme of civil service examination and recommend changes. In this reference, the court concluded that no charge of misbehavior was established against Dr. Such a hiatus produces unhealthy psychological reactions in all concerned.

It also handles policy matters relating to All India Services and amendments in the 'Promotion Regulations' of respective services. In case you don't know at that point don't cite it. The maximum age limit was increased to 30 years by the Vajpayee Government. In addition to the results of the examination, other considerations may also be kept in view in making appointments, e.

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These recruitment are done either by selection interview or through competitive examination. The jurisdiction of the Union Public Service Commission extends across the entire length and breadth of the country because it is related to the Civil Service of the Union Government.

Usually, the Commission consists of 9 to 11 members including the chairman. The Public Service Commission is expected to be fair and impartial and to function free from any influence from any quarter.

Essay on state public service commission

State of Mysore v. There is a State Public Service Commission in every state.

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Public Service Commission