Essay on modern technology has enslaved us

Thus they make an effort to improve the technology, which allows them to have more leisure time to enjoy their life. However, because of these situations, there are some ideas that humanity is enslaved by modern technology, but I do not agree with these opinions.

how does society enslave us

Talk of reclaiming free time is missing the point. Human beings depend on machines in everything they do. Well, I think that in a sense, this is true.

It has made military tactics easier to describe and formulate, and it has increased the ability to train people to do anything, whether it's something as simple as a make-up tutorial on Youtube, or something as complicated as using machines to train astronauts.

Machines have in fact become the slaves of modern life

We have tech savvy doctors to cure cancer but discovering new deadly disease. Can we forget the fear, the terror, the threats of such large scale devastations and destruction due to the atomic bombs which jeopardized the whole civilization? Technology has also let people have easier access to things they shouldn't have access to, for example, drugs or guns when they don't have a gun permit. Technology has also become so evident in our society that it's hard to see anything but it. They forget all the amazing things other than social media that technology has brought to us. Technology has done nothing but make communication easier for people, especially through the invention of the smartphone. It has created more jobs in manufacturing, selling, and distributing all those supplements though. People getting drugs or illegal guns would happen whether or not we had technology, and car accidents would still happen because people sometimes mess up and some drive while drunk. Related Items:. It has helped us advance in medical technology meaning that we are living longer and better qualities of life. Time, distance, physical capacity constraints have made us to depend more on technology.

Many people think of social media when someone is looking at their phone, or when someone mentions technology. Mental stress is leading to depression and even to suicides. Technology has been a heartbeat compressing house work, travel, entertainment squeezing more and more into allotted time.

Technology has also become so evident in our society that it's hard to see anything but it.

Slaves to our phones

I think that technology is being attacked by many people. In contrast, it is not correct to judge technology as controlling human beings. The issue quickly culminated into the American Civil War, a war that was fought over slavery. Our expanding repertoire of increasingly advanced digital tools allows us to access and spread information around the world in real-time. We have so much addicted to the technology that we have made ourselves unwitted slaves of technology. The miraculous advancement in the field of technology has completely revolutionised modern living. What our forefathers, half a century ago, could not even dream of is available at our beck and call. Our devices present us with simulacra of beautiful, fit, fulfilled people pursuing their dreams and falling in love, and none of them are browsing the web at 11pm on a Saturday night - unlike us. We spend less time in reading a book but enjoy browsing social networking sites. When I was young, I spent a lot of free time actually going outside, walking around or physically co-mingling with my friends. Nevertheless, technology has majorly developed over the years and this paper will put the focus on how technology today, has already become an integrated part of humanity by extension of human capabilities It allows everyone to be able to watch the new's and stay in touch with what's going on in the world in minutes.

However, even though all this new technology has had a beneficial growth on the world and ways words cannot describe, the greatest impact being on the human mind. When we consider the lot of the average labourer of the past, our complaints about work-life balance start to sound pretty peevish.

Yet as we rush to embrace the latest gadget or high-tech service and satisfy our tech-craving, we become further dependent on these products and their manufactures.

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How technology and social media have enslaved us?