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These sheets are better for simple designs, logos and texts rather than complicated and detailed images. You can make your own designs, transfer the photos of your loved ones to your clothes, or even download templates and designs from avery. The sheets need to peeled off after the ink has been cooled off, rather than when they are still hot. Transfer papers for light-colors are only for fabric that are white, gray, light yellow, light pink and similar colors. As long as the material that you are ironing on can withstand the heat of the iron, you can safely transfer the design on to it. Besides, these sheets are sticky on one side for, but will not leave a residue on your surfaces. Most transfer papers have a matte finish. As long as you do not cut up these sheets in small pieces, you can keep on using them multiple times. If you forget to print the design in a mirror image, it would come out as a mirror image on your fabric surface, which can mean wastage of both material and transfer paper. If your image or text have any background, it will appear on the fabric after transferring. Therefore, the types of transfer papers you need to buy actually depends on the project at hand, more specifically, on the color and type of fabric you are using. This is because you are going to place the transfer paper face down on your preferred surface, and use heat to apply the ink into your T-shirt, apron or bag. If there are any borders in your image, it will appear transparent and clear.

Besides, all these features should come together under a neat little bundle, at a price you are comfortable with paying.

It has just the right amount of glue to stick to your surface, but will not spoil your design. This is a starter bundle of 5 transfer sheets that you can wash and use again, each 8. On the other hand, transfer paper for black, brown, navy, red or similar darker colored fabrics are thicker and have a white backing.

The sizes are quite large, as well, perfect more most machines. Each starter bundle has 10 sheets, each 8.

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Most iron-on transfer papers are around 8. There are a few brands that make special iron-on transfer papers for laser printers. With these sheets, you can transfer any kind of simple design or complicated images to your dark fabrics and get a bright, flawless transfer. Whether you can use a sheet of transfer paper one time or multiple times depends on the brand itself. Transfer papers for light-colors are only for fabric that are white, gray, light yellow, light pink and similar colors. For one time-projects or customizing your personal belongings, transfer papers that only need an iron are more logical. Each pack comes with detailed step-by-step instructions. In a nutshell, you simply prepare the design on your computer and print it off. Fortunately, all transfer papers are compatible with all the different types of printer ink in the market, so there is no problem of ending up with the wrong one. Be unique and express your creativity with your own personalised, wearable art! That too, depends on the brand you are using. Of all the tools and appliances that you are going to need, transfer papers are not the most expensive one, but it is definitely one of the most important ones. Important Features: Only for dark-colored fabrics and T-shirts Bundle of 5 reusable sheets 8.

You can use a single sheet multiple times, washing it thoroughly after every use so that there is no residue ink left. These are simple tools of transfer - these sheets, but important ones!

If you want to transfer your designs and images to a black, brown, navy or any other darker-toned fabrics, there are special iron-on transfer paper bundles for that.

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Most of the transfer papers available in the market are reusable, but others might not be.

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