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Regardless of the number of key opportunities and threats included in an EFE Matrix, the highest possible total weighted score for an organization is 4.

But industry average is not very easy to found. References 1. Comparing ratios over time and to industry averages is more likely to result in meaningful statistics that can be used to identify and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

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Behind labor, the second largest operating expense for airlines is fuel. In a CPM, the ratings and total weighted scores for rival firms can be compared to the sample firm. Industry Environment: According to the Air Transport Association, inthe operating expenses in the industry increased 4.

And here jet blue score 3.

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Defining properly who is responsible and accountable and reducing the gap between the two would be the best possible way to reduce the communication gap between higher and lower associates. If it is to blame then it can be blamed on the CEO-David Neelman as he is accountable for the companys actions as a whole.

A company should communicated correctly with its every associate lack of which can lead to any companys downfall. But in Ratio analysis we that Ther net income ,profit margin is not in good condition. This is due to their strategy they give their high class facilities with a very low cost.

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Jetblue Airlines' Success Story