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Academic writing test that is designed to gauge the academic writing abilities. It is one of the oldest temples in Singapore and sports the South Indian style of architecture. Scream and laugh and cry as you come crashing down the fun water slides at the water park. A typical course includes lectures, assessments and tutorials. Style - How to set the right tone for your audience and purpose. Experience the highly therapeutic effects of the traditional art of Chinese tea making in an authentic Chinese teahouse at the Yixing Xuan Teahouse. Abundant flora and fauna make the park The park is certainly

The prisoners of war the Changi prison created a simple Offering stunning views of the sea, the park is home to the only rocky sea cliff on the main island of Singapore.

It is the first one-stop gardening hub in Asia that offers gardening related recreational, educational, research and retail activities.

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This research gives writers the means to make good choices about how to structure documents, paragraphs, and sentences. Marina Barrage Marina Barrage is a stunning example of harmony between nature and technology. Search Courses in English in Singapore A course is the study of a particular topic within a wider subject area and is the foundation of a qualification.

CIPS member only tools and templates to assist in the creation of your own documents. The Marina Bridge dam is built at the confluence of five rivers across the mouth of the Marina Channel. There are full-length practice tests that will be given at the beginning, the middle and at the end of the course.

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