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Lists the goals, steps, metrics, and start tracking. While researching for this article I reviewed some of the top blogs as ranked by Technorati and many — I was actually quite surprised — are run by one VERY prolific blogger if we are to believe the name tag applied to each blog article is really just one person.

Point out all the threats and then make a decision. Not An Ideal Business Model I racked my brain to come up with other business models that use blogs in a sustainable manner but nothing I could think of works without hiring other people to produce content.

How can you help your audience specifically? You get to earn a full-time income from your blog!

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The bigger the business gets, the more important these will become. Whenever user clicks on an advertisement on my site, I will get paid. What other blogs are in the same area, with some details about what they cover, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

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Do you want to build a community around your brand? Will you mention products in posts, link to them from your sidebar, make a tools or recommendations page on your blog, or a combination of all of these? Right now. On which platforms will you put the most emphasis? If you start your blog with a cheap Web Hosting then it will not be effective for your blog.

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Short term goals 1 monthsmedium term goals 6 months and long-term goals 1 year.

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How to Create a Bangin’ Blog Business Plan (Workbook Included!)