Account of the life of moses and the exodus of the israelites

Moses himself is not allowed to enter, only to look upon it from across the River Jordan.

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Al-Khidr ends by saying, "That is the interpretation of those things over which you showed no patience" and Musa understands the lesson. They pass their rituals on to others, to future generations and to other people. Throughout the narrative Moses mediates between God and the people but is neither completely holy nor secular.

This is documented in the Amarna letters discovered in Egypt. The Feast of Tabernacles happened to fall at the same time, which was kept by the Hebrews as a most holy and most eminent feast. Moses' entrance to the story purposefully employs the motif of the infant born of humble parents who becomes or is unknowingly a prince.

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These are not the kinds of events that appear in the celebratory inscriptions of any pharaoh And why did God throw in a seven-day observance of Unleavened Bread, which we read about in the middle of His instructions about the Passover? In other words, by the time the Hebrews returned to Mt.

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According to tradition, that miraculous bush can still be seen today enclosed within the ancient walls of St.

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Moses and the Exodus