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Applicants have only one opportunity to submit all required documents, and all required documents must be received in one packet at one time. When mailing the transcript-matching forms, pay attention to the name of the institution printed on each form.

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Provide a list of all financial resources received from all sources in the year a letter of explanation is required. Credits and grades for all attempts at repeated courses should be entered.

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Documents received without all proper documentation, including the coversheet, will be denied for FAP. Tip: The criminal background report will not be released to any party other than the dental schools requesting it.

Understand what is expected in each section.

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You may list your current courses as completed on your online application, and wait to submit your application until ADEA AADSAS has received the updated transcript, which will cause a delay in your application. Provide a list of all financial resources received from all sources in the year a letter of explanation is required. Collect all of your transcripts in advance. Can I print one transcript-matching form and send it to all the colleges I attended? As per the Transcript Entry Service Agreement you submit with your payment, the professional transcript entry fee is nonrefundable. Do I also need to send copies of my transcripts to the dental schools I am applying to? More information can be found at ExploreHealthCareers. Creating more than one account will lead to delays and difficulty in handling the receipt of transcripts and letters of reference. Self-reported U. Information can be added to the application as soon as it is verified. Once conversion ratio is determined, convert the credits by multiplying the number of units listed on the transcript by the conversion factor. Do I have to send updated transcripts to my dental schools? Please see the Holistic Coversheet section for more details. Do repeated courses factor into my GPA? Please note that references from family members are discouraged.

Undergraduate GPA: All courses for which undergraduate credit is received. Submit your application early—at least four weeks before the first deadline of the schools you are applying to.

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After submitting the application, additional dental schools can be selected and paid for at a later date. This process will begin as soon as all official transcripts are received and can take up to 15 business days to complete. The application takes a while to process. Knowing what goes into each category and how to calculate it is extremely valuable and will help you when you are filling out your dental school application. Enter the course information to the best of your ability. No, experiences cannot be added after you submit the application. In special circumstances, though, refund requests will be reviewed. Applicants will have 10 calendar days from when the report is emailed to review it before it is made available to participating dental schools. If coursework was completed at a U. Les hommes et les femmes de "La Boudeuse" sont a m entrace essay issus de tous les milieux sociaux et viennent de tous les horizons et de tous les milieux. Do I also need to send copies of my transcripts to the dental schools I am applying to? Look over these documents well before the cycle opens. You will need to enter information from each institution that you attended, including community colleges. To access the conversion scale, refer to the key provided by the institution either on the front or back of the transcript.

You should also report any required prerequisite courses in the Program Materials section before approving your coursework entry. Entering Coursework Add a term for the first institution.

Each school has its own policy when it comes to reviewing applications and some may put your application on hold until they receive the letters of recommendation.

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Be sure to outline the schools you are interested in applying to se you know what supplemental information is needed.

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