A history of the black watches a famous scottish army command

I have a man's IWC wristwatch from and a Longines man's wristwatch fromboth of which were most likely originally purchased by serving officers in the British regular army.

The Camerons merged with the Seaforths in to form the Queen's Own Highlanders which in turn merged with the Gordons in to become a regiment known as The Highlanders.

Instead, timing was used, e.

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Much of the original luminous paint has been lost, the triangle and the round dots would originally have been filled with paint like the oval and T shapes. During the first acts of war, the Canadian army lost over a hundred officers, and nearly other ranks.

Often described as the most Highland of the Highland regiments, in it was reported that only 30 men in the unit were not from the counties of Inverness, Ross or Sutherland. Whereas in earlier conflicts a unit could time its movements visually by watching for signals or simply keeping watch on units on its flanks and advancing as they moved, in the Great War the front was too wide for these methods to be effective.

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If we could get together a big enough collection of these engravings we might start to see a pattern emerging, so if you have one of these watches, please let me know what is engraved on the back, preferably with an image of the marks, and I will compile a database. The large onion crown is a recent replacement for the original crown that was missing when the watch was found.

Radium has a half life of over 1, years so in the last years it has lost hardly any of its original radioactivity. The regiment's long service in India often meant it was kitted out with trousers rather than kilts for many of its early years and it seems unlikely it wore tartan in either South Africa or Argentina in Officers were emboldened by their service at the front to continue wearing their wristwatches when they were home on leave, whereas before the war they might have hidden them away.

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Black Watch of Canada WWI