15 writing apps for the ipad

So how can you decide if the subscription is worth it to you? Price — There have never been more quality options to choose from, and the competition surrounding great writing apps is fierce.

The app overcomes the cursor navigation weakness on the iPad with a nifty extended keyboard that includes selecting text by character and word. This is a word processor for those who just want to show up and write.

It is also full of other useful features, from adding photos to creating PDFs.

ulysses writing app

You can also trigger your default action from the Quick Export window by hitting the Enter key. I would recommend that you invest in a keyboard and a stand.

best handwriting app for ipad

Pages Not mentioning this tool would be a sin. You can even create subgroups inside of groups. So I withdraw that previous complaint.

Subscription fatigue is a very real thing, but if you are going to use Ulysses in any sort of professional capacity, you might want to think of it as an inexpensive business expense.

I would argue this is not only necessary in order to keep the design simple and clean, but actually helps you focus on using the tools that are available which are specifically chosen to assist you in the writing process.

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8 iPad Apps for Brilliant Writing